Unrealistic Gun Sway?

By the question in the thread title I’m not looking for the gun sway to be removed, in fact i think it’s an improvement, although i believe the way that the sway is enacted is very strange and should be looked into. I did a test in which i looked down the sight, held the mouse still and let the gun sway. Instead of swaying around the area where you aimed, it kept swaying in a random direction until a minute or so had gone by and i was no longer aiming anywhere near where i had started. Many of you might say “oh well you should even be aiming down the sight for that long”, and of course i know that that but this could impact the fight of mid length battles where you constantly are peeking out while scoped in, and if nothing else should be corrected unless it is intentionally meant to do this.

TL;DR - Gun sway does sway around where you aimed, goes in random direction(not returning back to area of initial aim).

***In-case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ve included an image to help depict what I’m trying to explain.

The way I see it, the character’s arms get tired and he lets his aim down

Well if the game wants to be hyper-realistic, then they should also add the ability to hold your breath which would steady the aim.

Well stances should affect the sway, as well as the type of weapon, Pistol? Long gun? You’re definitely bound to have better control over shouldered weapons than ones that are simply supported by the carrying hand.

Patch notes says its experimental.

As long as the sway is what the developers intended then it’s fine with me, just sharing my observations on what it currently is compared to what most other shoots act like.

Can you guys go to mythread and see if you can fix my problem

I like gun sway in games, but if they are going to keep it in final game, they should improve it more to what Balgobin said to be “normal” gun sway.

what i would not like to see in rust is that hold breath system, at least not like in Cod or Bf. holding breath does not make your hands to hold gun more steady while you are aming, i know i have some expieriense in shooting.

Well I can see it eventually dropping to the left. But as is it instantly drops, even with a heavy rifle its not hard to hold it for a while.

But pick up a heavy gun and do a 100m sprint then aim it.

There’s just too much to account for in gun sway if they want it to be realistic.

it does not drop instantly, there is like 1sec time before it starts to sway.

i do agree with you thebacon, it is impossible to make it realistic. to much little details and variations,
but doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to make it look more realistic

and i have done some sort of sprint and shoot test. :slight_smile: