unresponsive for seconds

Hello ,all my server keeps crashing and write this error in console
And two screenshot this plugins install in my server.
Please Help me
My host conf
Intel Xeon 2 x 2.6Ghz
DDR3 ECC 4gb
20gb ssd
Please Help my with this problem

If this is Legacy, it may be caused by many different things.

I recommend updating Oxide and make sure your command line has the following line:
-oxidedir “save/oxide”

Let me know if that fixes it.

You can always have a corrupted file, so I recommend making a steam update first.

Yesterday i am download server from steamcmd
and my start bat
@echo off
Start /high rust_server.exe -batchmode -hostname “ReallyRoyal/WiPE 26.10/AIR/ANTICHEAT/KIT/Remove/INSTA/HalfDura/Group/Fps” -port 28016 -datadir “save/rust/” -maxplayers 100 -cfg -nographics “save/server.cfg” -oxidedir “save/oxide”
Sorry my English)