Unresponsive for x ammount of seconds.

Since the server files are public version 1069
I decided to download it to.

Installed it installed oxide installed my plugins.

Now here it comes latly i recieve an lot of complains about lags. I noticed that the server_console is saying
Unresponsive for x ammount of seconds. Sometimes its 5 seconds sometimes its 60~90 seconds.
This is getting frustrated because i also run Arena games.

Before you say it might be your hardware.
This is my home server.

AMD FX 6100 Six core 3.2 Ghz
32GB DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz
Fiberglass internet connection 100/100

If you have any tip in this matter it would be verry helpful.

I tested also with no plugins some thing is going on.

Set the rust_server.exe on highest priority seems to help an bit.

With kind regards,

Thomas de Vries.

Only for a single Rust server this may be sufficient but when you are also running “Arena games”, which I have no idea what you mean by that, I would not recommend using a desktop CPU for a servers task.
Also very little software information. What OS? What distribution? What version? What are your thread prioritising settings? What’s your avg. load? Does, when this freezing happens, the CPU spike to 100%? If so how many threads does it have? Where do they come from? Are you using a gaming kernel or a stock one? Which one?

Arena_games are Minigames in rust.

Server 2008 R2 Service pack 1
When it happens

CPU% is 15
Avg load = 5~9%
Max Ram on spike = 890MB
Avg RAM = 790~900 MB depending on players
Thread Prio is Highest
Threads using 35~100

I had run Servers that where more demanding then rust.
Flyff/WoW/CS Also runned multiple servers at once. Never had problems.

Also we decided to hire also an GameServer on Gameservers.com
I noticed the same problems over there. Only i dont see the unresponsive for x seconds. (Cause its not logging it to an log file and or Rusty-Rcon console)

I notice the game freezes for 10~30 seconds randomly.

Sounds like a saving issue to me… Maybe the hard drive is too busy when writing back the map? What’s your save.autosavetime? Can you try decreasing it (saving every minute instead of every 5 or something)?

Hmm didnt thought of that.

But an SSD must be fast enough to handle it 550/550 Read and write But will try to see if it helps

save.autosavetime = 600 seconds

Not sure if this is actually it, but 600 is insanely much. I would recommend this not to be larger than 300.


save.autosavetime "amount"	 Sets how often your server will perform an auto-save in seconds. (600 Default)


I’ve seen the “unresponsive for” message when a Magma plugin was writing a list of all game objects to disk. If it doesn’t happen when no Oxide plugins are loaded, it’s probably a plugin.

Well i changed the save.autosavetime to 300 but this has not solved it.
I am removing the plugins and adding them one by one.

Starting with the smallest ones.