Unrestricted mouse pitch

Is there a way to remove the 90/-90 limit on a player’s vertical mouse movement?

I need it for a project that involves players being able to move upside-down.

Player.SetAllowFullRotation( Boolean Allow ). It’s shared by the way.

I already tried that, doesn’t work.

It doesn’t have anything to do with mouse look. It affects the player model only.

Well, according to Garry, there’s a way to do this. Any help would be appreciated, as I can’t seem to find it.

That thread was asking to limit it. You can LIMIT it with a math.Clamp() of the pitch, yaw and roll of the eye angles, and then set the result.

That thread was asking for allowing to change the limits.

Anyways, you can jut use CalcView to simulate the free looking.

Actually, the motivation for that request was for the unrestricted part. But after working out a method with CalvView (Thanks, Chessnut) and InputMouseApply, I’ve found that while it’s close, it isn’t what I want after all.

Fortunately, I found what I DO want, but I’m stuck again: I need a way for the server to receive mouse movement data (Like InputMouseApply) in real time. I thought about using a console command to send it, but that has spam (and minor cheat) problems.

Your only way to go would be net messages… But don’t sent those every frame.