Unsmarts Build Server Mapping project [WIP]

Alright, so since there isn’t really a clear consensus on a good map for UBS, I decided to make my own.
From randomly asking around the server, the general view seemed to be that everyone wanted everything in one map…

lots of water
lots of land
lots of sky
train tracks
underground areas
work areas where the rest of the map is occluded to reduce lag
private build areas
houses and so on

so far, so good.
I have the land, sea and sky in place :slight_smile:
work continues at a rapid pace on the underground sections, but I figure I should show what I have. the surface is about 3/4s done, I’d expect to add several more surface structures.

I have no plans to add train tracks as I’m neither comfortable with them nor have I in fact seen more than a couple people using them at a time. within the same week. so I figure if there’s one thing I can drop from the list, its that.

the space section is planned to be an underground chamber using trigger_vphysics_motion functions to allow zero-g testing of ships and drones. time will tell if I can get it working right, I hear there are some issues with certain types of entity in that environment.

anyway, as they say, Pics or it didn’t happen, so without further ado…the pics.


humble beginnings as I set to work on the spawn areas.


more of the same, but a nice closeup of the spawn structure. my thought here is that shipping containers ain’t gonna block this spawn-site :stuck_out_tongue:


Expanding rapidly, two large construction bays. I find personally that I like to have a roof and some semblance of walls around me while I work just to provide bounds to my work. or more usually defences against gcombat and pewpew based weaponry.

at this point, the map is roughly tripled in size, I’ll update shortly with new images of the current layout.

Update: (three minutes later :P)



Blocky, badly textured, another flatgrass remake.

needs some texture variation, more creative brushwork, yet again another build map which is nothing we haven’t seen before.

Ingame shots would probably help, but from hammer stand point its refreshing to see the architecture but lack of detail holds it back.

I’ve said so many things about flatgrass remakes… :sigh:

yah, looks a lot better ingame, if a bit bright…all the white-concrete textures tend to make it hard to make out where things are…I’ll be playing with the textures.
when I have some ingame shots, I’ll put em up.

also keep in mind that I started this map only a day or so ago, I would say that ignoring the compile times its about four or five hours total. most of which was spent playing with parts of this map which aren’t very visible.
I agree though, blocky and poorly textured, still. I have yet to see a better alternative to “giant grassy field with stuff in it” for a large-scale map like this. when it comes down to it. the builders among us need plenty of open ground and not too many distractions.
if you’ve got some better texture suggestions…please do tell. I’m trying to make this good, and constructive feedback is good :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking the best way to avoid “flatgrass-itus” is to break up the horizonline. I’ll think on this further…

Gm_Xhizors, Gm_Reaction, Two off the top of my head, but they’re fucking sweet :3:

hm…goes looking

interesting maps, I’d not seen or heard of either before, Xhizors is pretty sweet, Reaction is less the kind of thing I’m interested in for a map. too much visual interest. if I played on that map, I’d find it hard to focus on the construction I think. still pretty cool.

Xhizors is exactly what I meant by breaking up the horizonline in my last post. notice those hills and cliffs?
if they weren’t there, I think a lot of people would cry “flatgrass clone” about that map. them and the various structures across the map and the grass no longer cries “flatgrass”.

that there is useful reference :slight_smile: much appreciated. I’ll seriously consider adding a string of cliffs and hills to the perimeter of the map, plus a few more surface structures. should help :slight_smile:

Xhizors is actually the same look I was thinking of when I started this project…I may look into the texturing on there for reference and inspiration.
Edit: actually, I sorta meant the grass and concrete look was what I had in mind. just Xhizors does it better.

camera > shaded texture polygons.

So…you are making a flatgrass clone for a build server. Wow. Yet another flatgrass clone to add to the hundreds.

Xhizors is a damn good mapper.


Sometimes, he’s made a bad map? Proof please I don’t believe it :ohdear:

How long have you been mapping?


Not all of his work is good, its true sadly. Yes I love his maps, but he puts things in his maps just to hide some things he either A) Couldnt fix, of B) Didnt feel like fixing. I like his maps either way!

I’ve been mapping off and on for a few years now, generally I find that I fail at coming up with decent layouts. I like to have other people design for me while I build it. naturally doesn’t happen often :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy with the area immediately around the lake, could use some better textures and some more details. but the layout is a little different and kinda nice I think. the rest of the map however…

oh yah…and I really need and appreciate the attitude some of you are giving me for making a “flatgrass clone”. yah. I know its ugly, I’m posting my work here to get constructive criticism. so keep it coming.

Well if you want constructive, then your circular base pieces of land should have more faces to make them smoother.

hm, the standard I’ve been using on every curve on the map is 24 sides. looks best when I’m not completing the circle I think. I’ll up the figure for the circles. I also recall a function which smooths the light over two or more linked faces. for this exact purpose. the name briefly escapes me but I’ve had reason to use it before…those steps on the spawn area particularly would benefit from using it I think.

I believe you are meaning smoothing groups.

Also, for your cylinders keep things at Powers of 2, it helps hammer a lot.


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