[UnSolved] SteamCMD breaks/deletes my system files after doing "app_update 4020"

So I was downloading the stuff for the gmod server stuff like normally, it was my first time and looked at guides on how to do this, and almost when it’s done it starts going like from 34324324134/3949534939429 to 0/0, if you know what I mean.

Now most of my system files and video games are deleted like content of my garry’s mod game, and all my other steam games are gone. (But still are in my library at steam)

Now I can’t access my /Pictures directory anymore and my /Videos directory either, and all my toolbar applications are gone, just like my applications on my desktop, it’s all gone or broken, any ideas on how to fix this, because I really wanna start playing Garry’s Mod again.

Here’s the error that shows up when I startup my GMOD:

Where the hell did you put your SteamCMD?

at C:\

Well, GG. You should’ve at least put it into a folder at C:/ or something.

Well, it created a folder by itself called steamapps, so what is the problem exactly here?

The problem exactly here is that as you said, it deleted some folders and shit that is was not supposed to delete.

samething happened to me i put mine in c:\gmod (FOLDER) and it breaks all my vps files