Hey, i’m looking for an unstuck code for DarkRP because all those i tried are not working at all.


When are players becoming stuck? Avoiding those situations is cheaper, in terms of processing power used, than calculating a new position near the player to unstick them while ensuring they’re still in the map, not in another prop, etc…

Leaving a vehicle when being inside a garage.
Leaving a vehicle near somebody.

I think it’s like if you park a car with the driver seat facing a prop you will exit above it and if you do that in for example BP gas station on evocity you exit so you get stuck in the BP roof.

Sounds like you’re running perp code… The default Garry’s Mod code shouldn’t cause you to get stuck. Return false in Can player exit vehicle if the resulting location would cause the player to be stuck or check what the position would be on exit and if it results in the player being stuck then force re-enter vehicle or start the algorithm to find a more suitable spot.

I’m running DarkRP not PeRP.

I don’t know how to code.