Unsuspecting Nightclub regulars dance on while EVIL IS AFOOT

^thread music^ -obligatory-


The aforementioned EVIL is, of course, the asian man going for an assgrab.

The evil man is the skinhead as the dj using his blur ability to hide himself from the man in the foreground who is obviously the hero.

no dude that’s moby


don’t worry he’s harmless

was expecting a clever pun involving a foot and the terrible sin that is sodomy

No, I meant ‘EVIL IS AFOOT’ in a strictly

sense of the word


fucking caps …

Evil IS A FOOT? What shall we do?

No not really.

Nice pose, but I recommend using the enhanced citizens v2, would make it a bit better.


Yeah I tried them. They’re too… …flexible for lack of a better word. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing. i like them. It’s just after four years of those stupid stiff ragdolls, it’s going to take some time getting used to them before I even think of releasing any screenshots with them in it


Seriously, dead guy behind the stairs…
How do they not hear a gunshot? I like the pose, though.

Yeah, even if the gun was silenced, it’d be relatively loud.

I see paul kalkbrenner!

god I miss classic spongebob

You and me both.