Until Dawn FAN MADE Wendigos

Howdy Everyone!

As I do not know how to port models from one game to another… I decided, what the hell? Why not make my own?

I’m not saying you should use them… as someone most likely will port the actual ones.

But, I felt the need to share them with everyone, You are more than welcome to use them.
Personally, I feel they are good for Horror screenshots.


Again, these are FAN MADE, not the actual ones.
Please don’t steal them… ;-;

Thanks to Until Dawn for making such terrifying creatures!

Nice! Keep it up

Good work on these!

ehh they look more like stretched out decomposing corpses

wendigos in that game don’t look like they’ve been peeled like a potato. the face needs work, it should look more like the monster itself and as said again, not like a corpse. wendigos also have very long nails too.

still, they look somewhat creepy.

Those were made in Fuse, if I am not mistaken.

UUUUUUUUUUh, Fuuuuuse.