Until then, they were just a rumor.

Part of something I’m writing. We’ll see how it works out.

Also completely unedited, though that might be obvious.


the composition is quite… weird. The canister is too centered. And It looks way bigger than it should.

How is it in a building without debris covering it.

Oh fuck me I forgot to put that in

Yeah, the composition’s pretty bad. Way dark and way boring, too. Nothing to catch the eye.

I like it. The composition’s not the best, but I really think this picture benefits from being ‘dark and boring’. I’m getting tired of all the brightly-lit action scenes in here.

someone must have brought it inside

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or some zombies

I am slightly intrigued as to what this could be a part of, hammy.

I wallpapered it.

Get on Steam and talk to me about it. I may actually want your help on part of it.

I feared you might say that. Unfortunately, my hard drive blew up. I’ve been going on my parent’s laptop.


Then we’ve got a bit of a problem.

Slightly, yes.

So much more than slightly.

I guess you could try PMing me and whenever I can I’d reply.

I’m guessing headcrabs…