Untitled Map

For a lack of a better name yes … This is my untitled map. Maybe the reason for not giving it a name is that I am not going to release this as a playable map but instead animate TF2 characters on it. Machinima if you will.

So can I get some feedback please. It would be great. This is my first map.


What is?

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Alright so you edited it.

Looks pretty cool. You should get some mountains in the background in the 3D skybox

The 2D mountains or should I make some myself with displacement

2D should be fine

How is this ?

This actually looks pretty damn nice, though I dislike the look of the cornstalks.

Well the thing is that I cant really do anything about it :confused: Its an in-game prop. I would like a big field of either corn or wheat but the corn doesn’t look too good and there isn’t a wheat prop or 2d texture :frowning:

EDIT : If anyone has a better idea on what I should put I’m all ears.



I would use this

So would I, if only someone could make a good looking cornstalk.

Hell, we don’t have enough farm style TF2 maps, if they made one actually made for combat in this style I’d love it.

For now I am going to leave this at its current state. And I’m just going to use FOV to blur it out so its not too harsh when I’m shooting the movie.

Also I might make a battle map with this style, but its a very maybe thing

Looks pretty good so far, I’m liking it.

And for a first map, I’m damn proud. Because most first maps are just, terrible.

Oh and you should start compiling with -staticproppolys -textureshadows and -final

You might look for someone who could model a cornstalk for you, on the first couple layers. Then, as the map gets farther out, use the 2d cornstalks. Other than that, it looks very nice and I would play on it.

For a first map, this is pretty good!

Disable the shadow on the hoist prop on the building.

He should just use -staticproppolys when he compiles, then the shadow would look better, I believe.

And lower the lightmap scale on it a tad.
(The wall that its mounted on)