Unusable Items

I’ve noticed that in the last couple of patches there are a few items that have no function, i.e. rockets and flares. Why add things that have no use? Why not wait until they can be used?

Rockets have a use. They’re used in the rocket launcher.

Flares, on the other hand, are much like blood and batteries. No use in game as of yet.

I guess that I have to find a rocket launcher. Can the be crafted? Where would they be found, airdrops, barrels…

You can find launchers in air drops. I’ve found one so far. Haven’t found the BPs though.

since last update i spent a day running after airdrops, got 6 of them, no rocket launcher. during that day i also looted radtown as often as possible… i found 1 rocket but no launcher or blueprint.

i think the rocket launcher is even rarer than the AK. It must be on par with the pipe shotgun.