unused map space

First of all hello i am a bit new(bout 100 hours of game play).

So i was looking for a server that wasn’t being ddosed to hard and eventually found one that was bearable but not enough to play seriously.So i set out to find the highest peak,here I made a small tower base and looked
out over the whole map.What i saw was a tiny area with the road and radtowns.etc but most of it was unused wasteland with some trees but no animals or resources(that I know of). So I was wondering wtf is all this for,surely it just increases lag.I will investigate more and post screenshots later but if you know anything please say.

The map will be expanded, the “unused” space is for players who want to build massive compounds out of view at the moment I’d think. Some day there might be PVE or special things you can acquire there. It also makes good for space on servers with increased slots.