Unused NFO Dallas 36 slot server expiring Sep 1. Anyone want it?

I’ll only give it to someone who is confident they can make something out of it. Please no “I want to play with my friends.”

Edit: Gone

I’ll take it. I’ll use it for either my WW2 TDM gamemode project or start a new community with it.

Add me: mrtingz1

Would like to have a few more people interested before I decide.

I would love to have it for a dark rp server in which i am naming “Shrek RP”

No thanks.

Nobody else is interested?

Hmm, I’d be interested. I’m working on fixing up a gmod racer gamemode, and it feels more annoying work on it off my computer.

do not use an nfo server for developing, use a srcds server.

NFO uses SRCDS, just like every other Garry’s Mod host. However, I find it more convenient to make live edits on my local machine to make sure I have control of everything.

i ment an srcds server as in a local server on your own computer, making edits easier and sometimes nfo glitches with errors in the console log

I’m still interested if you don’t deem anyone else fine.

Link to your profile? Can’t search it.

Nvm. Turns out you’re the one I added a day ago from a guess. Still waiting for you to accept.

I’ve been waiting quite a while for mrting to accept my request so if anyone else (who knows what they’re doing) wants to take it and is available right now, it’s yours.

5 days left until the server expires and he did neither of these.

Thanks for wasting my time.

He changed his name since: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086296544/