Unused server up for a free grab!

I used to run a rust server but i have neither time or interest to carry on doing so…

Being as there is 5 months left of prepaid time on the server i shall let somebody who wishes to run a functional server, and be a proper admin a chance to use the server for the rest of its time completely free of charge, why ?

Because i never use it and i would rather it not go to waste and go to somebody who will actually do good with it…

So i guess ill just pick a person i see fit and its theirs?


Host: Multiplay
Location: UK
Slots: 100

DDoS Protected?

I don’t want it, I already have three… Just curious.

There you go

Hello,i Really want the server plz reply if i can get it it was a dream to be admin! thank you!

I would be interested in taking over your server and using it as a mirror for Non North american players on my server.

I currently run a top 20 server based in West coast US. It’d be great for my players to also have a UK server they could play on as I do attach a lot of foreign players to my server.

It would also be a great chance to try slightly different rule sets.

PM me if you think it’d be a good fit and I can link you more information about my current server.



Please do link me your server id like to check it out :slight_smile:

Join new oxide server! Great plugins!

Likely going to reset tomorrow but i’ll take a screenshot.


You can find me on Steam GRoDT-Admin

Hacker police, I used to join your bowhunter servers.

If you haven’t gave someone the server yet, i’d be happy to take it.