UNUSED VPS for rent/help

I have had this VPS since jan. and since then it has been used to run a minecraft server (not enough users), and gmod server (but it never seemed to work properly) [TABLE=“width: 500”]

Disk Space
75,000 MB

CPU Power
5,000 MHz

Guaranteed RAM
4,096 MB

Guaranteed FlexRAM
8,192 MB

Included Traffic
7,000 GB

Ubuntu LTS 10.04.3

Internet Connection Speed (expected)

So i just thougth that… maybe somebody can help me and/or rent a cheap gmod server. I have read all the guides, and now im giving up. this has bothered me the last 4 months (garrysmod server) By the way i havent played garrysmod in years…2 and a half to be exact. Setting up FastDL host for those who would need that. I cant afford loosing more money on this shit, and it not being used to its potential. (i just hit 1% traffic a few days ago yaaay :suicide:) Send me a PM if you are interested. So hi agian y’all! Im sorry if this is not the rigth place to ask, please move to apropriate forum/category.

Why not just move your server to something more affordable?

What are you implying ?
Its prepaid btw.
So i cant cancel it.
And are you saying that i cant offer people a SUPERB server … if i can just get it to work (SRCDS/Steam on Linux)