Unusual Swep Request.

I would really like to see what can be done with this idea. Make a Gyrojet pistol and rifle.

I’m thinking by the sound of the way it fires it can’t have normal programming. It obviously needs needs to fire like a rocket and get faster the further it goes, and also increasing the damage it deals. I can’t think of one reason this wouldn’t be fun to LUA. Plus (this is not the top priority) it would be nice to have custom models and textures if you can get someone to do that. Addon format is encouraged.

So you want;
Damage to increase over length
Speed to increase over length

I think you would need an actual projectile to come out of the gun, the damage is easily done…

You just need a modeler, programmer and skinner.


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That fix was pretty useless.

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Thanks for your input. :smiley: any useful input now?

Make it your self.

I cannot LUA, Model, or Texture. That is why I requested it.

Sorry to bump a semi old thread but I remembered I still kinda want it. I also figured out how to make it a little but don’t have a clue how to lua. View model is just the pistol or 357, but it fires a rocket from the RPG. I’m not sure if this helps any more than how I explained it in the first post but please, this swep will be almost as good as the Rocket Powered Chainsaw Swep.

I have something simular