Unusual/Unique Communities and Servers

Hi there.

I’m doing some research for a video titled Rust: An Anthropological Study, in the vein of DayZ: An Anthropological Study. I’d like to take a look at some of the more unusual or specialist Rust servers but they’re pretty hard to track down.

Examples I’ve heard mentioned include a group attempting to build a tower so tall it breaks the game, and two settlements that engage in protracted gang warfare. If you know where to find them or have other examples of particularly vicious/peaceful/weird servers, I’d love to hear them!

My group has settled almost all of Portugal, we built a long spike wall and then we built a big long wooden wall and were still building and tis beginning to look like a town now

Check out this server: net.connect hamt.no-ip.org:18000

This is the address for Pedestrian’s Rust. The server has some interesting scripting going on and a very active admin that has made hackers almost obsolete. It is Magma capable.

There is no death loot, so you keep your stuff when killed. There is an XP system which is currently being tested. New features are being implemented all the time and really keeps things interesting.

Traffic has died down a bit lately so we need more people.

There is a shop that offers lots of interesting items that can be purchased with credits earned from PK’ing, harvesting resources and killing animals.

There is a decent community, albeit a small one, that has been on this server for months and we would really like to have some more people join.

Once you’ve tried Pedestrian’s Rust you will find it hard to play on other servers.

The server was recently wiped and airdrops are extremely rare so there is not a lot of raiding going on.

The server also has secret officers who have the power to ban hackers. These are regular players that are trusted by the admin and they can ban on-the-fly as hackers are encountered, which is extremely rare.

Look for me on this server as I play on it almost exclusively. My ign is AK. Let me know that you read this post and I will give you a reward.