Unwanted animal visitors ?

I had to build a small quick house after spawning and in my hurry i had not noticed the area were i was building

this bear killed me 3 times after re-spawning before i managed to kill it in my small hut

This little RUST helper just would not go away and got me twice

all this happened in about 60 minutes after spawning as a naked on this server and i died 5 times in my house by these animals lol … great start

he just wants to be your friend!

the funny thing is i was screening on the floor twice about to die and for some strange reason i stood up with very little life left and i could pick up what i had dropped and carried on as if someone had helped me up… very very strange

Should’ve incorporated it into your base design. Throw up some signs saying “DEFINITELY NOT A LOOT ROOM” just outside the bear room.

This is an intentional feature. Small chance when wounded to pick yourself back up without help.

If you build with the foundation higher up (max height) animals isnt tall enough to look through the floor, that for me seems like the most simple work around.

by memory it’s affected by current hunger levels too.

That bear loves you.

you should be happy set a turret there and youre loot is hypersafe haha

ya never thought of it like that lol