Unwarranted Survival


Rain, blood, zombies, grenade launchers, fire, sweat, comments.

Im not exactly an expert on this but im pretty sure shooting a grenade launcher doesn’t create that large of a muzzle flash

Dude, jpg/screenshot quality MUST BE ON 100… :suicide:

It’s pretty hard to determine what exactly is going on.

Jesus what the hell was this on, JPEG Quality 15?

It makes me nauseous.

The posing is good but the quality is bad, the lighting is bad, and ellis’s muzzle flash is HUGE

I find it hard to believe anyone would save a picture at Jpeg quality 10 and not be a troll.

I was more going to say:


But Jpeg_quality 10 is an option too.

Dammit colossal this just hurts my eyes.

terrible posing from what i can see, jpeg_quality is set like to what, 15? and the muzzle flashes are not captured at the correct time.

did you apply the filter cutout on this? or stamp i don’t like the colours

Uhm! Is Nick shooting Ellis, and is Coach shooting Nick??? A plan is good before posing the rags.

Posing could be worse, but good grief the quality.

The quality is like that on purpose. When I was making it, it looked good. And I’m just going to stop releasing anything and everything I make for now on, because no matter how good it is or how hard I try, no one ever likes it, so fuck it.


Well don’t give up. Ya just gotta keep persevering and keep trying. Ignore the people that just insult your pictures and take the good criticism and use it to make your pictures better. It also helps to have a friend to review the picture before posting it. (Worked for Yujin.)

Never take criticism personal. It never is.
Use it to improve, not to get offended. I have been flamed believe me. I took a closer look, and in most cases they where right. Some here can be harsh, but often they know what they are talking about.

And remember. This is just fun with GMod. Not a life time achievement.

No one ever started out GREAT, you IMPROVE and learn from past mistakes by listening to criticism others give you.