Unwise Decision


An old classic this joke, but with Cammy.
She hit him so hard, the SMACK sound effect was to immense for the frame. Perhaps I overdid his perv expression:smug:

Cammy’s fault for wearing that.

I mean if someone walks out like that it’s implied that they’d WANT to get some “mmph” on.

Well she is Cammy, so she can go dressed as she damn well please I would say. Any man misinterpreting that will pay the price as a celestial body orbiting Jupiter.

Yes life isn’t fair:smile:

Oh Rastifan… You love that model don’t you?

Funny as always.

Actually I needed a chick to punch someone in to orbit. I think you agree Cammy was not the worst choice:smile:

Cannon spike’d.

She is too damn muscular to not notice that she can pwn youl like that.

In SF game girls are nto cute like in the anime.

I fail to see anime girls as cute. Half of their faces consist of eye balls. And that sad look gets on my nerves.

Made me laugh more than the comic Haha.

I don’t think I want to touch her butt unless she likes me.

Awesome posing man! seriously… she is pretty hard to pose… but you did it man!

Thanks:smile: Cammy is not that hard to pose once you get used to the model. I see her flexibility as an advantage.

She reacted violently because she just got off the plane to pay her sex change doctor a visit, and those genitals have yet to match the body, so “she” is not ready.

I see!