Unwrapping a model

Well, I’ve been having some trouble with a model as I need the textures to line up perfectly as seen here:


Those stripes need to be perfect, but I don’t know how to unwrap it so that texturing it won’t be frustrating. Anyone care to help? This is what I have so far:


If any of you want to take this further, I have team viewer, so you can remotely control/watch my desktop. My steam friends is ericxuga02. Thanks!

There’s a few ways you could make the stripes ‘perfect’. You could snap the lines to the grid (if you’re using Max, click the magnet in the lower-right corner of the UVW Unwrapping window). Another possibility is having them overlap eachother, so you only need to texture one appendage and share that texture with the body.

Alternatively, you could select faces on the front of Cactuar, then click “Planar” and align it to either X, Y, or Z so that the front of the model is a template for a texture. Then, do the same thing with the back. It would probably be easy to line up your texture with that method.

Use these unwrap tools:


You have to right click and ‘Select All’ to be able to see anything (for some reason the site has black text on a black background)

There’s an option in these tools that let you snap vertices perfectly vertical/horizontal, among other usefull things.

Is this tool for 3Dmax? (If so is there a similar tool for other 3D programs?)

UVLayout is a standalone program that can import .obj files for UV unwrapping.

Yes, it’s for 3DSmax