Unwritten rules

These are mine, are yours similar?

Fair game- its up to my discretion to kill you and not feel bad about it. Doesn’t mean I’ll always pull the trigger of course…

-If you’re outside my house and you get to any point where I feel you’re too close.
-if I see you at any time with a weapon pointed in my general direction
-Running at me makes you fair game no matter what you’re holding
-If your door is open or your house is not yet complete you’re fair game, but its a real bitch to die when you’re trying to build so I leave these folks alone in most cases.
-if you just looted something I wanted
-if you’re alone outside at night by a campfire you’re almost begging for me to kill you.
-If you shoot at me first

bad form- I frown upon myself and others when I or they don’t follow these rules.

  • I don’t try to break into folks’ homes. I may take a pot shot at you from a distance though.
  • I don’t go out of my way to kill fresh spawns. If you’ve just died and all you have is a flare don’t run up to me and go about your business.
  • I haven’t had the chance to but I wouldn’t break a spawn bed.
  • No intentional grief building/door spamming

Peace negotiations as follow/How to get friendly

The chat is a crapshoot so the best way to do things is /msg “username”. If you want to approach someone they may not kill you if you’re holding a flare. Do a few crouches to get their attention but don’t crouch walk because that looks like you’re trying to steady your aim (for a gun you may not even have).

Try to setup a voice network over steam/teamspeak/vent if you can. If you don’t have access to any of those I’d just be a cold blooded killer and pillage everyone you meet. If you use steam and add them to your friends list you can create a group and have a rudimentary voice channel with you and a group of friends if you’re too poor for a voip server. Hopefully there will be a voice chat option pretty soon which will make this operation a bit smoother.

-Stay the fuck out of my house and I’ll stay the fuck out of yours

That’s pretty much my list.

Rule One: Fuck with me, or any of my people. You die. You die so horribly your children’s childrens’ great nieces will feel it.

Otherwise, I’m okay with most people, as a great deal of others will speak to. I also have a bad habit of shooting people in the face that I find useless however, so there is that…

Hover around my house for more than 10 seconds and I will shoot you.

I dont see any reason to shoot people who are clearly friendly that are around your house.

Unless a guy just starts whacking his axe all over your doors and walls then of course he is hostile, but if I just stand 10 feet away from your front door, and you’re looking at me, and I’m holding nothing but a torch and am jumping whenever you are suspiciously staring at me in order to indicate my friendliness (using chat to convey your intentions is pointless, nobody even uses the chat because it’s small as fuck and there are too many messages), what real reason have you got to shoot me?

I once traveled for like 15 minutes to the edge of the fuckhuge mountains and discovered a house with 2 people in it, right on the invisible border of non-harmful radiation and insta-300-rad zone, and I was curious because it was isolated. So I approached the front entrance and these two dudes suddenly came out, looked at me for two seconds and ran back inside closing the door in panic. After around 2 minutes of trying to convey friendliness, one of the dudes came out and put a hatchet through my face.

I dont know, it’s your choice and all to play the game however you want, but it just seems rather pointless to me and kind of boring to shoot every single person on sight. No reason to trust newly-spawned players, but I personally never shoot players who have wandered far, far away from the usual spawn zones because the chances of them being bored players with nothing to lose is quite low.

A very simple reason. That one man you see there can be the harbringer of a raiding party of 10 people and the longer you allow him to remain, the easier it is for his friends to come by and remove everything you’ve ever loved and held dear.

I hold a no-warning-beyond-the-warning policy because I want to convey that if you assault me, or my friends. We wont hesitate to open up with thousands of rounds in response, and eventually come back to where you camp out, and destroy that. Really, it’s just an easy way of keeping whats yours, yours.

As for chat, I use it frequently. It’s how I went from nothing to a band of 12, with a damned car parked right in my front street. Keep trying, and if trying fails. They’re an enemy.

You will die if you leave them to live, that simple.

That sure seems very dramatic and heroic of you with your cool dudes and your super tight ‘code of conduct’ you’ve made up for yourselves but you’re taking it way too seriously for what’s it’s worth.

Okay, you’ve built your little fort, everyone is inside. Now what?
Don’t lie to yourself or make up pretentious explanations as to why you shoot. You’re bored, so you shoot them. And that’s the end of that.

And please, you do realize 95% of the players are lone wolves and aren’t “harbringers of a raiding party of 10 people” as you claim. Most groups are composed of bored strangers and are merely together out of curiosity and the lack of a better option. Most of these groups fall apart within half an hour because people just wander off and stop caring.

When someone says “Get the hell away from my house” including me, it makes me think that how does anyone know which house is yours.

KoS or ‘banditry’ is totally fine. Not an unwritten rule to be friendly towards everyone :v:

My rule is not to kill anyone. Unless it’s 100% clear they want to kill me I may try and defend myself but I don’t want to kill anyone.

I had my first decent fort built yesterday and I announced I was friendly, even told the guy next to me (had a base across the road) that I was and not a day later I’m being fired at. For DAYS(in game) he just sat outside my door until I opened it and he killed me and camped my house.

No offense to the Op but having so many rules like that only justifys random killing. “oh he was close to my house”. I understand that at this point in the games development “don’t fire unless fired upon” doesn’t work because of the lack of animations and such but come on.

I’m holding out on this because of KoS/Banditry, it’s just not my style of game. So I’ll wait until happy friendly servers are about or just PvE ones. I like to build scavenge and converse but the problem with banditry is people treat it too much like a game, so everyone either kills everyone they see or dies trying not to harm anyone and building.

That said that is totally what I do in real life, I am the infamous builder killer. Ssshh.

Bitching about being killed by other people will make me want to kill you