Up the body despawn time.

Body’s despawn in well less then 5 minutes now, which is way to short, it should be at least 10 minutes.

I just spent an hour running around hitting rocks and had a full inventory of Sulfur and metal only to be killed by a wolf that scaled a 100ft cliff and attacked me before I even realised it was there. ( don’t say you should be aware of your surroundings or whatever. As I’m constantly looking in all directions with alt.)

I get that having animals being stronger is a good thing, but when you can’t hear them at all until they’ve actually attacked you is ridiculous, but I’m fine with this.

however, I’m not fine with the fact that there is absolutely nothing I can do to get my stuff back due to the fact that body’s despawn in 180 seconds flat.

Please up the despawn timer.

+1 10minutes