Up The Graphics?

Whenever I post pics I usually get a comment that says “turn up your graphics”. I was wondering what the console commands are to do this.

You click options and click the graphics tab.

How can you not see the video options in the menu?




I never go into options much thats why. Lol

Question, should I put on AntiAliasing?


Which one?

the highest there is

It’s not that difficult, just alittle common sense

Your video settings should look like this. At least when you take a screen shoot. You can work on lower settings if it lags. Then turn them up for the screen shoot.


I am running Antialiasing mode 16Q CSAA wich is the highest I get.
This depends on the graphic card you have. Always use the highest antialiasing available for you.
Water details are only important around water.


Trilinear, Bilinear, Anisotropic, What’s the difference?

MY AA settings only go up to 4X, there a way to force it to go higher then that?

It is different ways of smoothing (improving) images or animations. Trilinear is an extension of Bilinear and therefore better. Anisotropic filtering is a method of enhancing the image quality of textures.


Not if your gfx card do not support it. But you can try downloading the latest driver for it.