Up-to-date Arbiter (Halo)

i know. chances are, this wont happen for a long time (if its even possible). but i was wondering:

could someone take the Elite/s from halo 4 and place one of them in the arbiters Armour? (from halo 3) so we could have an arbiter that sort of looks like he came from halo 4-5? (and not that glowing golden Armour crap)

I did it in SFM with a few of the Reach armours by adding the override material Float $Alpha (transparent texture) to everything that wasnt armour (skin, bodysuit, head, etc). And it all worked out quite fine. The only problem i had with the arbiter is that his skin, bodysuit and armour are all in one VTF file. To make the skin transparent is to make the armour transparent too. The only way i can think of doing it without completely recompiling the model is to fuck around with the VMTs a fuck ton and make all skinand bodysuit transparent in the VTFs.

But im no expert, someone probably has the know-how to do it with way less effort and a lot less possible errors.