Up to date list of RCON commands for the new Rust?

Does anyone have a link to the current RCON commands for the new version of Rust please?

I update it here


If i’m missing something, let me know.

At a glance your item list is missing ‘knife_bone’ for the boneknife, as well as the new hide clothing is and the long sleeve blue tshirt. (I don’t know the names of these)

Is there a way to find out the names of just recently added items?

env.time # (# for hour)
restart (for restart server)

env.time doesn’t seem to work on latest builds (tried yesterday).

Will add the others now (bone knife was already there).

My mistake I was expecting to see it in the tools section.

Many thanks! :dance:

env.time work, i have just test now.

You can add :