Upcoming BRITISH Roleplay Server

I’m currently deriving a British roleplay gamemode from Cakescript.
The script will be rather advanced, and will be one of the British RP servers.

We intend the Roleplay to be real life, and extremely serious.
Cakescript flags will be kept, so applying for a job is necessary, unless you want to be self employed.

Guns will be extremely hard to get, as a system whereby a player buys a weapon box, which MAY contain a weapon, and when opened will give a weapon, or a random prop, The weapon got lost in transport to the city.
Police will also not have guns when they don’t need them, and will be told only to use them in high risk operations, again, the flag system allows us to prune the police force and remove slackers.

I’m half way through creating a script that limits player’s weapons to:
1 Primary weapon (Rifle etc)
1 Sidearm (Pistol, possibly machine pistols)
Melee (Self explanatory)

Again, a realism factor is added, who can realistically carry around 20 assault rifles?

Inventory weight limit will also be added, and weights added to items, this continues the above idea, in that people won’t be able to carry around extra weapons in their inventory.

A storage entity will have to be created, which spawns when you join, and the contents are saved when you disconnect.

There’s much more, and if you like what you’re reading, and are familiar with British culture, register
http://garrymod.featherhost.com/forums (I did not make it “garrymod”, some idiot from that company needs to learn to read. Domain, .co.uk will be coming shortly)

If anyone can also suggest a good UK gmod, or windows dedicated server host, that would be very much appreciated.

Modelers - If someone could please model and skin a British Fire Engine, and Ambulance, we’d be extremely grateful

Chav stabs indian shopkeeper

it’s super effective

Anyone who roleplays as a chav, is not dignified enough to own garry’s mod, or even permitted to use the internet…

What about roleplaying an indian corner shop owner who shouts at you every time you even look at something without flashing the money first?

Hmmm… Discriminating discriminators… That seems like a doubble negative, but still kinda mean in my opinion, sure, chavs are rediculous in general, but reflecting hatred towards them will be like throwing brances in a raging fire…

Still, this script of yours seems pretty damn brilliant. Good luck with it.

Lol at the first part xD. There won’t be any restrictions on what you RP as, if people want to be a chav, so be it.

And thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

We’re going to have a 30 slot server at first, but may upgrade it to a higher number, and if that happens, political parties (Capitalist, Communist and Liberal), will be added, and will fight for power, be it elections or dictatorship. That will also incorporate a military, who will be issued with standard British weapons, such as the SA-80 etc.

This seems to be getting better and better :slight_smile: - What maps will you be using? or are they custom to?

Chav class spawns with knife?

Only government roles are official classes, if you want to be a chav, you’re a citizen with a knife :slight_smile: (Or buckfast, if that seems appropriate)

There will be custom maps, eventually, when I find someone who can map, I’m hopeless.
For the moment, large maps such as Evocity1 (Possibly night, I like the idea of night time roleplay) will be used, as driving will be a key aspect of the roleplay.
Evocity is an American themed map, you drive on the right. However, all of the companies that exist on Evocity can be found in the UK, one even being a UK company, BP (British Petroleum).
We may possibly just have to drive on the right, but maybe not.

Conna doesn’t need to roleplay to be a chav.
However, he’s still on the internet. What a shame.

I’m surprised they even got on the internet. “Bruv, my computer box won’t turn on. Fuckin’ piece of shit, I’ll smash you up”

“I’ll smash you up”
“I’ll bang you out”
“I’ll knock your face off”
All retarded phases that don’t scare me at all. They think they are tough. They can talk, but they can’t fight without getting people in a headlock from behind or hiding behind a knife.

A small story from this morning.
An idiot at the Academy I go to actually ate a handfull of cleaning alchohol thinking it would taste like vodka…
He fell on the floor holding his mouth saying his tongue was burning.
I actually told him beforehand:

I can’t wait for him to die from that shit

Ahahaha, that must have been funny to see. Natural selection at work in some way.

I’ll be one of the server’s admins, and I can tell you guys, its getting really good. Wait n’ see.

Have you thought about models for this?

Or are you just going with what you got?

Not currently, but we’re 100% open to suggestions.

Sounds good to me - sounds a lot better than most RP modes.

Tea party!

Can’t wait for it, mates.

I have a few ideas.

2.Have a royal family. They could be issued with bodyguards and stuff.
3.You could have businesses.

I will definatly join when I get garys mod in a few days