Upcoming map: GM_Deagga_v1

I am almost done with a zombie-style, little map. It is really good, it’s going to be released in about 2 hours or less.

The map features a custom skybox, burnt/broken down buildings, an eerie feeling, creepy trees, and a (I dont know why) a creepy statue of a horse, right smack in the middle.

Sorry for no pics, there will be some on the final release. There are no places to hide on this map, so the zombies can always get you.

I might make a rp_deagga_v1 version for Roleplay.

Hope you guys like it, look out for it!

By the way, here is the beta. (WARNING THE BETA IS PURE CRAP) http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72511

Dont listen to the discription, I changed EVERYTHING. It was going to be an rp map, but instead I made it a zombie/zombie rp map.

All those promises, I want too see one screenshot first.
I won’t download anything that has no screenshot attached to it.

It will, I’m beta testing it right now.


Yes! It is uploaded. Sorry for no pictures, I am gathering them right now.


If the beta is crap, why release it.

Also, if there is going to be more than a park in the entire thing, this makes it a pre-alpha.

Good point. >.<

But I actually just released the beta because I was going to take suggestions from there, but none came :frowning:

this map looks awesome, nice screenshots

I want a few screen shots please