update 117 still affecting my game.


Use GCFScape to extract the “Blood_imact.pcf” from source 2007 shared materials.gcf and extract it into your */<steamname>/garrysmod/garrysmod/particles folder. I’m guessing your getting TF2 blood

Let me guess, shinny combines? That;s an issue with the engine itself thats been in place when Valve updated the source engine about a month ago. They have yet to fix this. There are two ways to fix this temporarily.

  1. use “r_worldlights 0”

  2. If you are really patient. You can go to each *.vmt and remove the “$phongexponenttexture <link to file>” and save the file. Though with Kleiner, Alyx, the combines. you’re going to have to extract these vmts to the materials folder in your garry’s mod.