Update 8/20 5:05PM EST, server reboots on cycle since (every 2 mins or less).

Anyone else experiencing this problem? I can get the server up and going but the max I’ve been able to stay on is less than 2 mins without a d/c. Rcon drops the connection as well so it’s the server rebooting or crashing.

My server too, on gameservers

Yes I’m on gameservers as well. I’ve tweeted both @playrust and gameservers about it. Let’s hope someone comes up with a fix fast. Bloodthirsty rusters are waiting… :slight_smile:

Full dedicated machine. No issues.

Same problem, also gameservers tho.

My GS server was restarting, seems to be stable now, however its not on the server list. Client.connect works though.

my server is also on GS and is randomly restarting and is not shown on the master list. I have had a ticket in with their support team for over 20 mins now!

Mine is at deinserverhost.de and also restart’s!

Deinserverhost.de i have Problims With my rust server

I reinstalled the update, oxide and rustio through mods tab on gameservers i can connect manually server still is not showing up on master list. The restarts stopped have had a ticket in with support for over 1.5 hrs

I also have an open ticket with GS and it’s been over an hour without a response.

lots of servers not showing up in the server list and now my history is zero

Seems to have fixed itself (which means someone fixed something somewhere just didn’t bother to mention it). Server has been up and running for a while.

This might be caused by services that automatically restart a server in case it seems unresponsive, which is commonly tested using a game server query.

With the latest Rust update 1310 the query interface uses the game server’s port instead of its own port, which until 1309 was the game server’s port + 1.

If you are experiencing this issue you could try to disable automatic restarts until the service has been updated accordingly.

In my server config there is +query_port 28017 …must I change this in 28016?

I tried to change the query port but didn’t work…