update 81 and servers

I have noticed right after servers were updated allot of the game modes would not work. This happened with my rp, and my spacebuild 2. This is frustrating because, well you can’t play. I noticed this problem on about 75% of the servers. Some people get the problem and only a few can continue to play on the server. This is an issue that must be left to Garry to fix. And remember with every update something goes wrong and messes everything up. (Happens all the time)

I get it too on every sever exept sandbox servers where i only have a phys and grav gun no tool gun i cant open my Q menu and in DarkRP the F1-4 buttons dont work and in the tab menu all the classes just say players in different ars its really annoying and i need help

i know this is so annying maybe we should all sent a support ticket t garrys to fix this now!!!