Update Broke My Video Settings

Like 2 other threads I read, I’m at my wit’s end with this crap. Of course, I can’t change my video settings, there are no drop-down menus for anything other than my resolution, probably because it’s on a different window.

My HDR has and always had the annoying trait of turning it self on every time I start the game, a problem many of the older source games have for me.

Now with this crap about not having video settings to change, I can’t turn it off. HDR looks so bad in early source games like gmod that it’s ridiculous to have it on. Not only that, but it causes my fps to cut from my solid v-sync induced 60 to 20-30 and worse when props start getting spawned.

This’ll be fixed, because if it isn’t more shit’s gonna happen than just one or two pissed off people, but that’s not why I’m here.
In the mean time is there anyone who knows of a launch option or a config file or console command or something to turn HDR off?

Same here. I have to change my gmod settings to low, because I have a bad computer. I figured out you have to click it, then enter the first letter of the setting you want. (Ex. Click Model Settings, press L, you have low settings) But when I press OK, I get the memory could not be “read” error.

Omg i’m so stupid, why didn’t I think of this sooner? I don’t have to turn anything to low, I have everything to high/very high as my computer isn’t crappy enough to not be able to handle source games. But GMod is more intense than other source games and HDR just amplifies it.

If you dont know the letter of the setting you want, you can use the Arrow keys up/down to move the setting
Also, it worked for me without getting an error, goodluck with what you’re doing.

Now there’s the problem of the multiplayer server list failing and me not getting any hits.

I just got another update. Maybe this fixes it?

Guess what? It didn’t!

What are you system Specs?

(I was able to run Gmod before this update!

You can still change the video settings - click on the setting you want to change as if you were opening the dropdown, then press the up or down arrow keys.