Update Broke Server

Ever since I updated my GMOD server with the latest version on Garry’s Mod; no one is able to get connected to it.

Running version

Error: “Server uses different class tables”

The people who are trying to connect probably haven’t updated gmod.
tell them to quit and let gmod update

The error means that you do not have the same “patch” as the server runs.
Update your gmod and it should work.

I already tried to update mine, but I am still getting this error.

I updated mine too, but i still can’t connect a server (maybe the server itself??) my single player also stopped working, when i try to load a map gmod just crashes

If you still get the message, the server is not updated.

Im still getting this problem, every server is broken for me… But people are still playing on them! >:(

Garry Newman to me
show details 3:19 PM (58 minutes ago)

We’re working on the problem, patch will be out soon.