Update Broke Something I guess?

Hey every one, not sure if anyone else is getting this error, but around 6:00pm EST I logged out of rust, and the second part of 06/17/2014 Update started downloading which was fine.
Well shortly after the update finished, I hopped onto Rust, and went to join the server normally play in, and BAM! I get this error " Couldn’t find shader - Custom/Displacement/Blit " in console, and doesn’t get past the " Loading Tree’s "
Now, I’ve un-installed, and re-installed Rust. I 've updated my graphics driver, and even checked my DirectX, and Validated Game Cache Files, probably 15 times now…

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks: ReDNeCk

I get crash to desktop after a minute or so of game play.

Yeah, I get stuck after “loading trees” also. Usually works after restarting my client three or more times.

So sounds like both branches compiled with unity 4.5 and has fucked it…

Yeah, too bad Rust couldn’t be written on a real engine.

So i’m able to get in now, for some reason… After letting it sit at the " Loading Tree’s " part for like 10 minutes, then I get in the server, and have like 1 fps… Like my PC is shitty, but I was able to play in Fastest with 20+ FPS and able to actually play the game… now the game is un-playable! :frowning:

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And now I get about 10 minutes of gameplay, then I drop to 1fps and lag out for 10 minutes… Not sure what Garry and his crew did, but they broke some shit for sure!