update broke toolgun

he i have just updated my gmod server and now all the toolgun can do is ignite!

i get this error
FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: gmod_toolmode

I can confirm this. Running on an updated server, I can’t switch to any tools except the one I was previously using before the update.

Garry stopped servers running any commands on clients.

Another great update.

The servers I handle has had this error before I updated the server and after I updated the server. Probably another thing Garry happened to mess up.

i think there must be a file to change gmod_tool mode so you can use, because it says FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE “prevented” server running command: gmod_tool mode

We’ll see what Garry has to say about this…

I have the same problem with both of my servers. You can only use the tool you were last using.

lol maby he has relised how stupid he is and hang himselv, but overall it was a good idea making it so people cant use client commands. because then people cant use clientside lua to crash serversand use wall hacks and shit but he should have tested it well!

toolgun broken & mass lagg wave when some one spawns, Damn this. garry please test something BEFORE u release it :frowning:

That may be so but this also means we can’t build shit, the bloody main thing in garry’s mod.

Pl0x fix.

oh and i have figured out a way of changing tool, type gmod_toolmode “the the name of the tool” with out quotes in console!

cant seem t let it work same anser from the server.

Thanks but this is awkward when you are building and need to switch tools every two seconds, having to type gmod_toolmod expression2 or some shit.

ye hopefully garry will fix but actual we need to blame AzuiSleet because he made the script!!!



Was that in the update info?


Either update the game or update the server, the tool gun still works on my server.