Update Bug: Incorrect play count display.

Simple enough.

Example: 34slot server.
When 10 players join the server browser / server info says 10/34
When 34 people join it says 34/34

This is normal.

However when a player leaves the count does not decrease.
Meaning player leaves and the count remains 34/34
10 people leaves and its still 34/34.

Not everyone uses the console to connect / knows how and this limits peoples ability to join some servers. Forgive the rambled structure, I’m tired as fuck :slight_smile:

Uhh, what? That’s… very odd. Are the players still considered in?


Check out the popular servers on GameTracker. Check the amount of players shown and look how many are actually connected.

Yep, This is happening to my server too.

It’s only not exactly how I explained.

When writing this message one of my servers showed 33/34 with only 8 connected players.
Now it shows 45/34 with only 19 connected players.

I should not my servers max slots are all set to 50, I then use sv_maxvisibleslots to set them to 34. So in essence its 45/50.

Change the masterserver to legacy mode and it’ll fix it.

sv_master_legacy_mode 1

Though Valve should fix this soon.

Thx bro didn’t think of that.