Update bugs

For now just two things, but will probably find many more.

  1. After update some buildings simply vanished leaving sleepers floating in mid air.
  2. Using commands such as weather.rain 0 or weather.rain 1 no longer have an effect, yet I do get response to command such as "Rain: 100% (was 0%) and this applies to all weather variables.
    Have restarted, but to no avail.

1: decay.

2: who cares, why do you need to change the weather anyway.

1)Armor bases don’t decay on my server.

2)I’m simply stating a bug is present.

3)If you have nothing constructive to say, say nothing and go back to playing rust where you live in your grandmothers garage.

Why don’t you report the bugs via F7 ingame?

I hope you weren’t trying to be funny because if you were then you failed miserably.

1: I don’t even really play rust much lately, I play a little bit after every update to check out the new stuff, and that’s it at the moment. Ive mainly been following the development lately

2: I live in my own house with my girlfriend. So I’ve probably gotten a lot further in life then you will ever amount too.

Like trustinrocks said, report it via f7, the devs dont go through these forums very often.