Update? Gmod Addons not working?

Okay hi, I’ve been offline for the last 3 months. I finally get internet back and I see Gmod had a huge update and is apparently now sponsored/owned by Facepunch. The layout is different, but…none of the addons and such that I’ve downloaded in the past work anymore! I can’t spawn the ragdolls I used to, the Bodygroup Changer Tool isn’t working anymore, some of the maps I downloaded are gone. What the hell happened?!

Sorry for my panic and language, but when I was offline I used to play on the older version. What happened now? How can I get all of my models back?

haha welcome to 3 months ago :wink:

Just fyi facepunch is ran by Garry he just decided to pop a logo at the front.
Sadly nearly all files were not able to survive the conversion across and i suggest the best and easiest way is just to redownload what you lost. Unless you wish to go through and manually convert all of your old files.

Garry runs the site? Okay I didn’t know that. But that explains the logo. As for redownloading…man that’s gonna suck, I had so much. They would still be downloaded into the same Addons folders, right? The ragdoll models I mean.

Yes it should all be the same folders

download all shit from the steam workshop, garrysmod.org wont work anymore.

Alright. One last thing to ask. I was able to recolor models using Photoshop and a plugin. Would I still be able to do that?

Try it ? XD i dont know

Stop giving out useless advice

See, now if I said that, I’d probably have a thousand people jumping at me for being rude. Anyway, I should probably also say that if I can’t recolor via Photoshop, then I have Blender. But I’ve no idea how to really use it. Or make a file that works for Gmod.