Update I'd like to see regarding sleeping bags

How’s this for an idea? Have your sleeping bag not only be your respawn point, but have it also be the claim to your base. Meaning enemies would not be able to put doors on your home without first breaking in and destroying your sleeping bag. The way I see it, as the game stands, it doesn’t matter how tall or well fortified your structure is, the enemy needs only blow the first door and put on one of their own… Sure they didn’t get in, and take all your crap, but now you have to go make C4 just to get back into your house? I think it would be much better if when they try and place the door, a message pops up saying, “Cannot build on a claimed structure” or something to that effect. Maybe this is something that has already been suggested. In my opinion, this would make the game a bit more balanced.

Afaik some sort of ‘home ownership’ is being worked on. I have no idea about how this system will actually be implemented though.

the home ownership system is purely so that the owner of a house can remove constructions THEY placed inside THEIR OWN house.

OP, this is something you’re going to have to deal with. he spent 2 C4 and a metal door to lay claim to a portion of your house. why do you think you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences? because you’re special? doesn’t work like that. building inside someone else’s houses is an effective component of raiding.

That actually sounds like a very effective way of raiding… Take over someones base bit by bit… like a cancer.

A home ownership idea should be implemented so people can’t just place metal doors in your base. It’s obnoxious and just wastes resources. Not a good part of them game. Hoping that a sleeping bag can ‘claim’ a radius of ground around you preventing people from building near it.

Do I think I’m special? No. Do I think that raiding is far too easy as it stands? Yes.