Update is live on Dev version, servers need reset to work. Any mods awake?

Refer to main post on the front page, “UPDATE: The patch is live on DEV only, however it is incompatible with live servers, you’d need to find a dev server and I’m unsure if anyone is up to update their server right now to try it out”. I’ve pulled the update but none of the servers are compatible. Anyone with server controls wanna try this thing out?

Owner can update the server on dev version or only hoster can do it ?

Hello Fellow Rust player, Im up as we speak. I’m attempting to update our servers. right now with the latest version. will keep u posted.

Post an IP ASAP once you successfully update servers, I hope a patch log well be posted too ( unsure what the new content is! :yarr: )

Please tell us the name once you get it updated.

Yeah, I know we bitch about random server advertisements in here but this isn’t random, it’s special circumstance. Anyone gets servers updated and back up please let us know. Keep it in this thread so the forums mods don’t get mad please.


Modded List: CookieMonsterAPB Twitch
The server was updated to the patch

Thanks a lot mate!

If anyone has any idea how to update their server to the dev version let me know.

Same request as Promethieus. would be grateful!

Pretty sure these guys are full of it… I got no update when I ran the updater.

Thorin, there is an update, It’s on the dev branch but we are trying to get it on our servers to test out.

Exactly; but I ran the updater on my server and didn’t receive an update… The people claiming they updated to newest version are full of it

RadioaActive has managed it with his, I just joined.

What’s in the update?

Try New York 1 official pvp

I’d settle for patch notes

From what I’ve seen personally, a new gate system, and traps in the form of spikes. Also I hear the bolt action rifle is in (not confirmed).

WTB patch notes. Be nice to know what the hell the update is. Do they actually want us to test it or do we have to try and just work it out.

Are they pre learned recipes or do you need a drop etc.

Once peace of feedback for the devs…communication!

New auto-learned spike wall, gates and other traps confirmed.

I have my server name set to Dev Branch Testing for people who want to see what it is.