Ok i got this update and its the 1st of October, Thursday… And The lag is unbelievable.

Not Only has my fps dropped by 30. The players go threw periods where nothing moves. Also I’m rubber banding like you wouldn’t believe.

This is Unplayable. Everyone on Washington server is going threw this and we need a hot-fix. Or just downgrade. This needs to be fixed,

Thanks for reading <3 peace

Ive been crashing ~ every 30 mins and my game take forever to load to both the main menu and in game

Edit: On Assert Warmup its x/1579 and it takes forever to load - main problem while loading into the game

Lmao ive just been lagging alot in general really want a quick fix

They had another patch today around 9:30 am eastern standard time. Server not laggy but chat and opening stuff have ruffly a 30 second delay. So so far the hotfixes are working just a few more and every thing should be good to go. So have patience and chillaxe its friday XD have a beer and wait.