Update on an old WIP project "Destroyed House"


I didn’t want to go revive my old thread, and i think it already got deleted.
Anyway, i started working on a destroyed house (most likely going to be for posing/maybe ZS). It’s supposed to look like an old, crumbling house. Weather it’s because of neglect, nuclear apocalypse or something else, i’m not sure yet.

It’s still WIP, but i think i’m almost done with most of the major work, all i need to do is add a few more details and start work on the outside/surroundings

Yes, i need to fix the cubemaps. I’m going to take out the dev-orange textured beams for wood once i’m sure i don’t want to change anything else.
It’s come a long way from this :v: (this is an early picture)

I remember this map. Very nicely made.

Thanks, anything you think should be added?


Wait, my map is dumb? :saddowns:

I recommend stairs; or at least something to get up to the second floor.
Also, more clutter if it was something like a nuke. If it was supposed to be abandoned, then it’s fine.

There’s a latter in the garage to get to the 2’ed story

That’s an older picture, but the latter’s still there

also in thr 3’ed picture you can kinda see it (it’s dark though)

Pretty nice man…

I kinda want a backdrop…

Possibly a fence around it then as a 3d skybox, a large arid desert with that road stretching off a long ways before fading into the dust.

Like i said, i’m going to start to work on the skybox 'n stuff, i just wanted to finish the house first

Father Grigori: Better and better!

so only insane monks like it? :frown:

I don’t know about this, but it seems to be lacking something.
Maybe a different skybox texture, that doesn’t look so happy.

Otherwise it looks good. :slight_smile:

Well, by insane monks, you mean that it reminds him of his good old ruined Ravenholm, then yeah, you could say that.

looks nice

Very nice! How long have you been working on this project?

I could rip an EP1 skybox and put that in there :v:

I disagree, I like the skybox. For some reason.


Changed the skybox, roof texture and fixed a few small things (orange dev. beams, better shadows)

Make the stove set up on fire when used and explode when shot at around 60 damage, giving smoke at the first shot damage.

I can always make it explode in a shower of metal and fire, leaving the surrounding area on fire

I liked the old skybox better…