Update problem

Ok I just got back on gmod after about 4 Days ago and my weapons were working just fine, then I got back on 2 day and now when I go into 3rd person my character is holding every weapon with one hand and I am starting to think that the new update did this because this was not happening 4 days ago. Plus this sucks because I will not be able to finish my machinima (sorry for any bad spelling)that I have been working on for about 3 weeks. if anybody knows how to fix plzz tell me. I pretty much am getting to the point where I just want to stop making my movie because of all of the problems I am having with Gmod. >=B

Set the weapon holdtype in shared rather than serverside only.

How do I do That?

No Flapjack he is talking about all weapons. I have that glitch too. (HL2 Weapons)

I haven’t had it yet, though I suspect I will the next time I go on Gmod.

Move all your addons from the addons folder to the desktop, one by one, until the game doesnt do that anymore.

i completly reset mt addons and made a new gmod folder but it still does the same thing so im pretty sure he patch screwed all the weapons


oops mt i mean all

Same Problem, it’s really bugging me too. That damn update!

SetHoldType needs to be called clientside, you need to fix the weapons

Didn’t the update fuck up lots of servers too?

I think they should keep the update but fix all the stuff it screwed up like servers weapon player models and tools

They wont.

I think this (From the update log) had to have something to do with it.

Fixed missing holdtype animations and airwalk transition

yeah me 2