Update schedule re-worked. My prioritys (hope you agree)

Not really suggestions as some are fairly obvious to add, but rather what I think should be the priority in a time of what seems to be uncertainty, and my reason of why I think it should be added soon…

**Place holders fixed **(like packaxe looking like a hatchet) If any visuals should be re-worked its the ones with place holders.

Spear. Very fitting for rust, and a good melee/throw weapon would be VERY refreshing.

Armor dye. A clear way too look unique and make your own uniform and a very easy add. AND ACTUALLY TELL WHOS ON YOUR TEAM WITHOUT SHOVING YOUR GUN IN THEIR MOUTH (Things like sleeves and shirt decal so type of armor is still noticeable via main color.

Ak-47. A clear choice for the next gun, a fun gun and a very fitting one for a game like rust.

Bear traps. Well the game is full of bears, and lack of traps for both people and animals. Seems like a very fitting choice too have.

Custom faces Should be fairly easy too get some hair styles and eye colors, and it would make a big difference, everyone looking the same is starting to bother me, a lot. Really takes me out of the atmosphere.

**Replacement for the red animals. ** The game is filled with wolves and bears, and them dropping loot sacks make no sense, please add a cool new monsters.

**Grass flatens **when you walk on it (for a secound) Ok this one not so important but they keep changing visuals and I cant stand unresponsive grass.

Eat your killed person. It can contribute too food but not health, so its none abused. You kill a person, you should be able too eat him, that’s true survival.
Option too crawl

Birds. Would be nice too have some flying animals, and make the world seem more lively.

Sniper. With VERY expensive bullets. So people can finially hit **real ** long range but have it be costly. I suggest a new type of bullet for it.

Rain and Snow (rare) but it would really make rust more interesting. I don’t see how you can stack pillars and such but cant stack clothes/armor when clothes actually fold and pillars and foundations are like 8 feet tall. I don’t think it should be possible too spawn C4 if your a admin use a admin tool too destroy a unwanted structure, admins too easily c4 bases on many servers.

That’s all I have too say. Good luck and fun game.

Garry said that the weapons as they are now, are only placeholders and are going to be removed at some point in the alpha or beta. You can forget AK-47 and Sniper.
Eat you killed person is sick.

They were referring too modern guns the bolt action and revolver are here too stay and I don’t think a ak-47 looks much different then a bolt action and its made by people in Pakistan in the middle of nowhere so its not unreasonable at all. Nor is a long range weapon like a sniper, if theres no far range weapon then large buildings with windows is quite boring.

First image is what your referring too, 2nd is mine

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AK-47 and a long range Sniper are not really easy to make. Just because you wish it, it won’t happen. But let’s just see what will happen. While you don’t have plenty of things to do in the game right now. People are just going to adjust to the Sniper and won’t build windows in their houses. Even now, it’s rare to find a house with a window. And I won’t even mention what will happen, when we do get a long range Sniper and hackers. Also, game renders players and object tops 400 meters. That won’t change any time soon.

Your picture is also a bolt action rifle, with a scope. Yes there most likely will be something similar, but you wont be able to shoot a mile…
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Hmm? Most houses have a window, and im pretty sure its fact. They use bars but I assure you 90% of houses I see use some windows if they are large. I don’t think we should base updates around the threat of hackers other then cheat protection. And for sniper and the ak-47 being hard too make I don’t think you have much of an idea of what you are talking about. If you can create a bolt action adding a sniping scope and getting a extra 100 yards is not a impossible task. And ak-47 is one of the most easy guns too make.

You don’t have to be a Weapon designer to know that you can’t build a automatic gun with “Low Quality Metal” a wooden Workbench and a Axe in your hand. It’s still a game, not a Weapon build simulation. Let’s keep it this way for now. With the current bolt action, adding a scope, you could zoom further in. But the range would stay, even if it does increase, it won’t much. The game mechanics don’t render further. And for one weapon they wont increase it. Increasing render range, would need more performance, server and client side. However, the range is already at 300-400 meters, thats more than enough for a homemade sniper.

Finish the video or I can pull up more sources. Also this is a GAME. And the range on the bolt is horrible for sniping the bullet doesn’t travel as far as you can render on the bolt (not even close) so I don’t see what you mean.

As said before. With further zoom thru a scope, it could increase the range. I also said its a GAME. Let the devs decide if the balance with it would be okay, same as their decission on automatic weapons. Currenly the sniping range with the bolt action is more than fair, since there is barely zoom, you cant see that far anyway. If you have a silencer, the range decreases. Thats normal.
Its still alpha. We will see what will happen in the future.

Custom faces…?
Female Characters 1st plz :open_mouth:

Feels kinda weird always have to play a guy and being called by other ppl with “man” >_<!
(and would feel worse playing a guy being called a girl, lol)