Update - Screenshots

It looks very awesome in my opinion :smiley:


What is this?

Its Looks good, but ist so usless. You Need 30 shots and ist destryoed this gate is so usless

With this patch I discovered how big of a problem Griefing has became. Great its in Alpha but how we suppose to test bugs when you cannot even obtain any new blue prints cause all of the Radiation Towns and Loot buildings are blocked off with Spike Walls and Gateways. Iā€™m not trying to bash the game but Garry or someone really does need to put restrictions on building in the Loot areas and Radiation Towns. Its become a massive problem across all servers. This new update is cool but also enables even more griefing now.

looks good.

And why patching new stuff like Spikes if this is a PvP based game, we want weapons, heli, cars, sniper not Spike Walls which noone uses and everyone hates

You mean with ,everyone, yourself,isnt it?

youre right,its a PvP BASED Game,not a pure PvP Game.Their is no reason to put only Weapons on it.
If you dont wanna use it,so dont use it.

The new wood gate

No, they hole Dev Server hates the Spikes, i never said we ONLY want weapons, but we want them more then Spikes which Support griefing.

I dont use the Spikes, but sure im not happy if they waste their time on Spikes instead of making weapons which everyone is looking Forward to.

Maybe we should wait till the Game isnt anymore on the Alpha Status.
I dont test the Spikes,but i am more an PvE Player.So this Updates are much better for me as some Weapons.But we will see

I heard the gates need 40 C4 to break. Does that mean you can make a 1x1 out of a gate and have an (almost) impenetrable wall? >:D

I dont think so.Lets wait till its the official Update.It would be bad if the gates are better than Metal walls or else

No you Need 1 C4 for the Wood gate and 30 Shots with the MP to destroy the wooden Gateway ist usless

Im pretty sure thats wrong.

check the update details post man it says 30 c4s for the gateway

I am all up for more updates like this one stuff instead of weapons

The gateway takes 30 c4 according to the post but the gate itself only takes one

And what server can i play the new version on ?

I tested it, i could destroy the Gateway with shots, and then Wooden Gate with 1 c4
i tested it

oh ok, I think it should be more enough to make you go straght for the gate and that be upped to like 4 or 5

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seems legit :zoid: