Update Source Engine?

Ok, so I was thinking of your ideas if you think garry should update the source engine I dont for some reasons I will show you why.

Lets start with the good reasons:

  1. Better Graphics
  2. Portal 2 Models
  3. Better Hud
  4. HD Weapons
  5. Nice Menu

Bad Reasons I Agree With:

  1. All Models from older Source Engine games will need to be ported into Gmod.
  2. You will need to get used to new features what may need to be added for Gmod to work.
  3. Gmod may not work the same.
  4. HL2 Weapons and Phys gun might not get ported easy.
  5. Hud will be diffrent what will probly not show ammo.

I do agree with dont update but i only wanted to post to see what you post :slight_smile:

Hl2 weapons won’t be hard to port, It’s the same engine! The Hud won’t be different, even if he used the newer source engine, it’s still the same basic engine, just optimized for different effects.

Ok, maby it wont be hard to port Hl2 weapons but, if you have played Portal 2 there is no hud so it would be.

Christ, what do people not get with the fact that garry is not updating the Source engine to a branch. That would be stupid.

Dude did you read this at all i am saying your ideas if it would be good not that he should.

It’s a bad idea as so much regular stuff would break. We’d go in the totally wrong way of GMod, in which we’d be loosing stuff. It would probably also cause GMod being less stable (than it already is).

I agree.

Nice to know we have another dumbass who doesn’t even understand what they’re saying

At least research the suggestions before you actually state them.


‘If he ported it to the Portal 2 Source engine it wouldn’t have a HUD because Portal 2 doesn’t.’

According to that logic, if Garry’s Mod were ported to Portal 2’s engine, it wouldn’t even be Garry’s Mod. It’d just be fucking Portal with a different name on it.

I’m sick of these threads with like 12 year olds thinking that garry can just change the damn engine and it’ll be just fine.
Guys, hey guys.

  1. RESEARCH BEFORE EVEN MAKING A THREAD LIKE THIS. (god I cant stress this more enough)
  2. It’s on a dead end branch of the Source Engine, aka not gonna happen

Dumbasses? Garry had said he was working on a “custom” Source Engine, anyone know about that thing?

1.It 's damn hard to port update the engine
2.Graphics are fine
4.Pepole already asked about Portal gun, it 's fun but nothing more
5.Garry is not your slave, he do needed and usefull things because he smart heavy 's happy face

another guy with a revolutionary idea that has never been suggested before, bravo!