Update the GSPS list on the wiki

Hi guys. I would like to ask if its possible to update the GSPS list on http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/List_of_Server_Providers . Ther are several new GSPS that are not listed there.

It’s a wiki, you can edit it yourself. :eng101:

Inform the people!

I dont know every single new GSPS that got accepted since there are no OFICIAL NOTE about this. How do you expect me to update somenthing that i dont have the right information ? That’s why i’m asking on forum.

Also here are two types of wiki. Public and private. This one is not entirely public. Normally an oficial wiki is managed by a set group of people that are in charge to validate the changes that everyone do.

Inform the people !

What are you even arguing here? What does playrustwiki not being “entirely” public mean? How it is not entirely public, and how much of it is private? Why does this matter?

What does public/private have to do with official dev-controlled wikis that control the editing process?

I’m sure you could find who the new GSPs are, unless they aren’t advertising themselves at all. And if they’re not advertising themselves, that’s their problem. Google will find them if you care to look.

You don’t care. You want someone else to do the work for you. :v:

Just register and log in.

Don’t post misinformation then.

Thanks. Just started gathering information about each one of them :). Didnt saw that login buttom though.

About the not being public part : I’m talking about the information painel information, hosting start, supported mods and so on. I never asked anyone to do it for me. I simply asked if its possible to update and if anyone got any info or review about those new gsps. Everyone can log in and make changes but i’m quite sure not everyone could actually update that page.

Maybe i didnt express myself right when i said update :stuck_out_tongue: my mistake i guess.