Update this week?

How much faith do you have in our developers? Lets see it!

I hope this turns out more like a pep rally than a nag fest!

I kinda like the idea of them releasing smaller patches and fixes but working on a bigger update at the same time

but I know very little bout the development hehe

it would be nice to have a little update this week too

I cant wait for when they release that random map thingy… whatever its called…Gonna be insane!

I cant see them releasing an update for another 2 weeks tbh

Usually, when a developer is working on a game, we do not get to see how slow the progress is; said developer works on the game for years.

We have to keep in mind that, although we can play the game, asking for a solid, content-filled update every week (or every month, for that matter) is a bit much.

I want to see, at least, an official response from them.

TBH i don’t really have any requirements as to updates go. I don’t need an update every week, what i do need though, is an update on their devellopment. something like a weekly post of what they are working on, which would let us know that at least something is happening. Right now, it sometimes feel like there is no progress, as we don’t know anything about devellopment, and the only patches we have seen is small bugfixes and such.

who cares!!

Agree with this completely, it’s simple communication and doesn’t require that much time out of your working day to put together a few paragraphs.