Update, when is it hitting?

Sigh , so last Thursday I was hoping the patch would land but I had a sad weekend… I’m craving fr the big wipe and really hope it hits today. Anybody got news on it?? I need my addiction to be satisfied.


Garry said on his twitter that the update will take place this week. He did not specify the day, though. But personally, it is growing my expectation to some bigger things. Let’s wait and hope for surprises.

Kinda sucks knowing a (rare) forced wipe is highly likely, ruins the long-term aspect of the game for now.

Take place this week? Man I was on a 100 person server and when they heard a wipe was within the next couple days or week, pop dropped to 0. It’s sad :frowning: just wipe and take my life pls.

That’s because Garry said this on 17th february patch: “A small Monday morning update for you guys, getting it out of the way in the hope of bigger things later on this week.

And what long term aspect are you referring to? Two hours after a wipe you have teams running around raiding with full kevlar and M4’s. Wipes are the only thing bringing people back to servers.

Yeah I’m with all of you on this one… I know wipes are part of the alpha, and I don’t have a problem with them…

But at the same time, I’m not going to bother building a base/doing anything long term, until it hits.

Hopefully Garry can at least tell us which day this week. If its friday… then I’ll play something else until then.

I imagine it doesn’t bother those teams too much since they’re able to advance so quickly. I play solo or sometimes duo however, and things like building a big base, researching the good stuff, stockpiling gear, etc. takes more than a day. It’s pointless to waste time doing those things when a wipe is coming. The game can still be fun but it’s not the same.

That is kind of what you signed up for though. Things like this will happen A LOT through alpha. You might stop playing for a while and come back when it is a bit more stable and wipes don’t have to happen.

I for one like the idea of things being cleared out. I get better at the game every time I have to start over.

Getting tired of people that either

A. don’t understand how to read
B. don’t give a sheet about what you are saying


We just wanna know WHEN its getting wiped.

Yeah, you’re right, and it’s ok. I knew there would be points in the alpha where there were either game breaking bugs, or pending wipes, or too many cheaters. I still love the game, even through the bad times. I’m just saying this is a bad time.

Mphonetic’s response wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at the person who was talking about how they don’t want to waste time playing if the servers will be wiped this week. I think you just fell into one of your own categories

“A. Don’t understand how to read”

well one thing with wipes is generally it only wipes the buildings not the players.

This is how it goes, every wipe: Influx of new players, followed by mass raids. Carebears become upset and leave the server. Only the diehards and raiders come back. Eventually raiders are bored that there is no one to raid, and they also leave. Thus creating a 10 person population that gets angry that I want to wipe…

Draxus has pretty much already agreed with me, which makes your statement inline with both of us…

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Interesting graph, wonder how they plan to combat this in the future (talking about release here)

may I ask why the update forces servers to restart? just wondering why they all need to be reset

Generally content updates they just wipe the official servers

so say a community server wont be force wiped?

I don’t think I’ve seen a patch that actually forces community servers to wipe yet… although I’m sure it has/will happen.